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Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute (N0. 11 Institute), a subsidiary institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was founded in 1958. It is the birthplace of China??s liquid rocket engines (LPRE).With 50 years?? self-reliant and innovative development, the institute has developed many LPREs for  launch vehicles. The first generation Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Hydrogen (LOX/LH2) LPRE (YF-73) symbolized that China mastered the advanced super-cryogenic propulsion technologies and became one of leading countries in this field. The second generation LOX/LH2 LPRE (YF-75) keeps the successful launch rate record in China and is one of the four most famous upper stage engines in the world. The new generation LOX/LH2 LPRE is under development and breakthroughs have been achieved in key technologies. The light-weight, quick-response and high performance altitude control engines developed by the institute have accomplished many technological achievements and won intellectual property rights which are leading in the international arena. Hence, the institute has obtained advantages in four aerospace technological fields, i.e., the main propulsion stage engines, upper stage engines, altitude control engines and new energies and their applications.

Since 1980s, based on the advanced technology of liquid rocket engine, the institute started to develop and manufacture industrial products. It produced many key equipment and products with advanced technology and high quality, including thermal engineering equipments, special pumps, special valves, large-scale petrochemical equipments, electric test and control equipments and environment-protection and energy-saving equipments. Its subsidiary company????Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Engineering Corporation(BSPC) ?? is a member of Petrol China, Sinopec and China National Offshore Oil Corp.??s sourcing market. It is also an excellent supplier of key petrochemical companies, such as Yizheng Chemical Fiber Corporation, Sinopec Qilu Company Ltd. and Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical company Ltd. ??BSPC?? has become a famous brand in petrochemical field and a banner of applying advanced aerospace technology to the key industrial areas of national economy.

Based on the innovation platform of ??National Engineering Research Center for Special Pumps and Valves??, we focus on the technological innovation and industrialization of special pumps and valves and have developed two scopes of advantageous technologies, i.e., thermal engineering and special valves and pumps, produced three major kinds of products, i.e., heaters, high speed pimps and safety valves.The institute has complete test facilities for testing parts and components, liquid and gas flow and cryogenic medium of LPRE. The institute has established three major testing and acceptance systems for rotation machinery, combustion and thermal engineering products, special valves and fluid control elements by owning first-class test platforms for high-speed pumps and safety valves (cryogenic, air and steam), degreasing facilities for oxygen valves and combustion firing test platforms and the industrial base in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. There are more than 1100 employees in the institute, among them,there is an academician of China Science Academy. 50 experts are ministerial level experts and enjoy special governmental allowance. The institute has won 5 ??national science and technology advancement?? awards and more than 200 ??ministerial-level science and technology advancement?? awards.

The institute has a ME program and a PhD program for astronautic and aeronautic propulsion and engineering, as well as a post-doctoral station in the same field.The institute has established an efficient management system which covers military and industrial business and meets the requirements of market. The ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 systems operate effectively. We also gained many national honors and Certifications, such as ??AAA Credit Grade Certificate?? and ??Promise Keeping Enterprise??. Since 1996, the economic growth rate of the institute has surpassed 20% annually. The institute has entered a new era of development military and industrial products harmoniously.

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