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Pressure\Vacuum Relief Valve
The pressure\vacuum relief valves are used for oil, petrochemicals, natural gas and other industries to protect pressure equipment. It can be used to maintain the pressure of the tank in the normal state and to reduce the evaporation losses of volatile liquid inside the tank. They are designed to provide pressure/ vacuum relief under normal pump in/out and thermal breathing conditions. So it protects the tank against rupturing or imploding.
Pyrolysis Gas/Decoking Valve
They are installed at the outlet ethylene cracking furnace, generally, there are two valves for one furnace, one is for cutting off the main pipe line of pyrolysis gas, and the other is for cutting off the decoking pipe line
Survivor Control Valve
They are specifically designed for use in gasification and slurry water disposal section of the Texaco coal chemical industry techniques. The valve is capable of controlling liquid level of gasification furnace and carbon scrubber while proceeding multistage flash evaporation of the discharged slurry water, in order to recover lye and heat.
Automatic Recirculation Valve
It is an independent system. The valve can simultaneously sense the flowrate change of the main line and change the flowrate of the bypass, by combining the functions of main line check valve, flow sensing element, bypass flow control, bypass pressure reduction, pulsation dampener and bypass line check valve.
Labyrinth Control Valve
Labyrinth control valves are mainly used for control of flowrate, pressure and voice of gas and liquid media under the high differential pressure conditions. They are mainly used for high pressure, ultra high pressure systems in power plants, chemical industry.
Eccentric Rotary Control Valve
It has a new structure. The valve body is similar to a cylinder. There is an eccentricity between the spherical center of the valve disc and rotation center of valve shaft. When valve shaft drives valve disc to rotate, the sphere of valve disc rotates eccentrically with the center of the valve body, the curve is in the shape of cam wheel. When the valve is closed, the flexible arm of the body disc has elastic deformation, the sphere of the valve disc closely attaches to the valve seat, which forms reliable seal, so the valve is also known as cam wheel deflection valve.
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